I recently went fishing at Baines River Lodge in Zambia and if you ask anyone in that country about Covid 19, the answer in every instance will be, “there is no Covid here”. This may simply be a case of complete denial, the old ostrich with its head in the sand trick, or, it could be a remarkable case of the power of positive thought. None of this made any difference to the fact that

Sundowners Count

Posted by Brad Cartwright on  September 15, 2020

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So why does a cold beer or iced G&T taste infinitely better after a long day out on the river or ocean? This is a question I’ve been trying my best to answer for over 40 years.  One doesn’t need to fish to enjoy a frosty ale. But it certainly seems to help. Seldom do you find a couple of fishing buddies sitting around a cold box sipping sparkling water. I’m not saying it doesn’t

I Want to Break Free

Posted by Wildfly Travel on  August 26, 2020

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I used to send my children to their room when they misbehaved just as teachers intern naughty brats with detention and every military institution will confine you to your quarters for inappropriate behaviour, so it is no wonder that we all had an adverse reaction to lockdown. Why are we being punished is the psychological undercurrent, despite the rationale. As a nation who live, by and large, outdoors, not being able to enjoy the safe

Corona Moments

Posted by Brad Cartwright on  June 5, 2020

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So, at the moment it’s ok to go to church with 50 people, but not to go to your favourite fishing spot by yourself! I understand Nkosazana-Zuma doesn’t fish, or smoke for that matter, but seriously that’s about all I understand. Our business is built around recreational angling, Which obviously has not been an ideal scenario since the lockdown, besides the fact that there are no known instances of fish being infected by Covid 19.

Hunting for Kob

Posted by Craig Thomassen on  May 11, 2020

My family has been visiting Wavecrest hotel for more than forty years. It is where I went on my summer holidays when I was a kid, and I have many happy memories from the place. I did a trip there a couple of weeks ago, along with my Dad, Geoff, who will be turning eighty in May, and his brother Ron, who is turning eighty four, also in May. It was great to do a