Our Take

Somewhere between Seychelles’ capital island of Mahe and heaven lies Desroches.Recently completely refurbished by the Four Seasons Group, who are not known for skimping on their hotels, it needs to be experienced to be believed. Think ultimate luxury and personal pampering on a pristine corral island ringed by palm trees and turquoise water and you start to get the picture. Then there’s the fishing. Light spinning or fly on the flats around the island is a very pleasant way to spend a few hours, with a number of the Trevally species, small Grouper, Bones etc. all available. The Alphonse Fishing Company currently manage the charter operations on the island and without question retain some of the best guides available. Both blue water and flats fishing are on offer around Desroches and other nearby islands. Bones, Permit and Triggers are likely on the flats and from the boat its anyone’s guess. But of one thing you can be sure, there are a lot of fish there.

Tackle Box

Species: All salt water species

Season: October to May

Facets: Trolling, Spinning, Popping, Fly Fishing, Bait