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Late last year our crew went to Farquhar. To say they had phenomenal fly fishing is an understatement. Picture Attenborough’s Blue Planet. Schools of GT’s smashing baitfish all around the boat, so hungry they’re attacking low flying birds, let alone Poppers chucked in their path. It’s not always like that, but it’s one of the places where it does happen. Then add Permit, Bones, Parrots, Triggers and Barracuda to the flats mix along with excellent guides, and you can have a busy week. The accommodation at Farquhar has been completely rebuilt after a cyclone laid waste to the original camp a couple of years back. En-suite air conditioned cabins assure a good night’s sleep and the Creole style cooking, especially the seafood, is worth going for on its own. If you’re a serious fly angler, this spot simply has to be on your bucket list.

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