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For something completely different, visit an inland sea. Well that’s what Lake Tanganyika feels like anyway. It’s the longest fresh water lake in the world. And the second deepest. Over 350 fish species, an interesting type of water cobra and some very large crocs frequent the crystal clean depths. Whilst its famous for its big Perch (up to 100 pounds), there are Tigers, Nkupe, Lake Salmon (up to 50 pounds), Bream and Lake Trout amongst many others. It’s just like fishing in the sea, with reefs and schooling fish smashing on the surface, all willing to take a fly, lure or bait. Nkamba Bay Lodge is inside the Nsumbu National Park in Zambia. This means there are lots of animals and very few people. And the bay itself is protected. The solid well- appointed old stone lodge is perfect in this setting and overlooks the massive expanse of water. Like we said, something really different.

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