Our Take

A small intimate lodge, tucked away in a quiet bay on a remote island, Situ ticks all the boxes expected of a tropical island ocean getaway. Beach sand floors in the communal areas, an honesty system in the self-service bar, caring unobtrusive staff and comfortable island style chalets separate this Mozambique destination from the rest. A 38 foot Supercat offers a solid comfortable fishing platform from which to target Grouper, Barracuda, Tuna (including Dogtooth) a number of Kingfish species and Billfish, amongst others. Jigging, popping, spinning and trolling are all options and its worth rigging a fly rod when weather and water conditions permit. It’s a well – priced blue water option run by fishermen, for fishermen…and women of course.

Tackle Box

Species: All salt water species

Season: Year-round options

Facets: Trolling, Spinning, Jigging, Popping, Fly Fishing, Bait.

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