Ancient and Beautiful I was lucky enough to do a trip recently with my wife Pam, to Mozambique’s spectacular Ibo Island. It is in the Quirimba archipelago, just north of Pemba. We stayed at the lovely Ibo Island lodge, a short walk from the island’s small harbour. The lodge, with its thick walls, built from fossilized coral and painted brilliant white, is cool and comfortable. It is decorated with a blend of antique style, slave

Manda Bay

Posted by Craig Thomassen on  March 31, 2021
The ultimate in barefoot luxury … Unique is not a word that I generally just throw around, but it does have its place. A good example would be the blend of luxury and barefoot simplicity that exists at Manda Bay Lodge, a small boutique lodge on Manda Island in the Lamu Archipelago in northern Kenya. This family owned and run resort is set apart from other east African beach destinations in a number of ways.

St Brandon’s Atoll

Posted by Rhuan Human on  March 30, 2021
Category: Travel Blog
The Boneyard If you’ve ever spent some time fly fishing on the Indian Ocean atolls, chances are you would have heard one of your guides use the word “Frommel”. Frommel is an Afrikaans word that directly translates to “crumple”. It’s an expression they use when a client folds or crumples under pressure and botches a chance at a fish. “Frommeling” is part of the experience and everyone does it, even the guys who have seen

Midlands Trout Season

Posted by Gareth George on  March 22, 2021
Category: Fishing Report
The first frosts of the season is something worth celebrating from a Winter fishing perspective. It is a time in which the Trout embrace the colder water temperatures and feed a little more aggressively before they switch into spawning mode.   We have started to record minus degree Celius mornings here in the Midlands, with the crisp air ushering in the welcome change. It’s time to check the waders for untimely leaks, dust off those

Awesome new Dogtooth Tuna location

Posted by Wildfly Travel on  March 17, 2021
Category: Travel Blog
It is not often that anybody gets the opportunity to fish a pristine fishery these days. There are just too few of these untouched areas left on the planet. Last week myself and Brad Cartwright (of Wildfly Travel) had the amazing opportunity to explore one of the few of these areas that still remains virtually untouched. The idea was to check out the jigging and Popping potential of the area, with particular interest in seeing