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Off the town of Pemba in Northern Mozambique lie the spectacular islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago. Amongst the most famous and historic of these is Ibo Island, an ancient trading post dating back to 600AD. Walking through the old Portuguese fort, built in 1609, you can almost hear the crying of the slaves once held there. The lodge offers real island luxury and is known for its great food, the fresh crab is special, just wear a bib. Although the fishing around the island itself is scratchy, there is a great option of taking an 8 hour run on a live aboard catamaran out to the famed St Lazarus Banks. This undersea mountain rising from the depths to around 10 meters at its peak, is a magnet for pelagic fish of all kinds. Wahoo can be a menace, tearing lures to pieces, but big GT’s and Dog Tooth Tuna patrol the drop offs. Heavy duty gear is needed to stop them and even then we’ve had a number of episodes’ end in tears as monster fish treat 100-pound braid with disdain. The night fishing from a comfortable live aboard is also a special experience. It’s a unique island holiday with the option of BIG fish.

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