You don’t have to travel across borders and stamp your passport to experience the thrill of Tiger fishing.

All South African anglers should feel the ferocity and power of a Tiger at least once; your line slicing through the water column at great speed and the striped water hound leaping into the air at the other end.

The best place to tick this one off your list, within our borders, would be Jozini dam and none provide better facilities and location to do it from than Shayamoya lodge on the banks of Jozini.

A truly unique bush lodge in Northern KwaZulu Natal where the view from the spectacular setting is particularly breath-taking as you gaze out onto Lake Jozini, the Lebombo Mountains, and the Pongola Game Reserves.



When we think about a tiger fishing trip with wildlife, birds and a lodge experience thrown in, we usually think of the Zambezi river or a lake Kariba expedition. Last week I visited Shayamoya Lodge in northern Zululand and had a superb taste of all of the above.