Lazy Boyz

Posted by Gareth George on  July 15, 2021
To tube or not to tube is a shouldn’t be a dilemma. Although targeting Trout from the bank and stalking a fish is the way to go on arrival at any dam (as long as you get their at the proverbial crack of), to not jump in your float tube when fishing any decent sized dam is just limiting your options. The design of any established still water means that accessibility is limited from the
The Seychelles has become the go to place for fishermen who want to experience wild, untouched fishing in a pristine environment. The island nation consists of a hundred and fifteen islands, scattered over a large area of the Indian ocean. The capital city, Victoria, is on the main island of Mahe’, as is the country’s international airport. Just off Mahe’ is a fifty-six-hectare man-made island and marina with accommodation in the form of penthouses, townhouses
Luxury in Paradise Every once in a while we do a fishing trip where we stay somewhere so ridiculously luxurious, that I feel guilty walking into my room all salty and sweaty after a day’s fishing. The upside, of course, is that I get a super comfortable night’s rest and wake up refreshed and strong. One of these destinations is the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Desroches Island. In keeping with the Four Seasons standards,

Anantara Bazaruto

Posted by Craig Thomassen on  April 9, 2021
Relaxing – Island Style Bazaruto Island, off the coast of Vilanculos in Mozambique, is the flagship island of the Bazaruto archipelago. Situated within a national park, the waters around Bazaruto are a protected marine reserve. This area is home to one of our rarest sea mammals, the gentle, seagrass eating dugong. Anantara Bazaruto resort lies on the western shores of the island, pretty much in the middle of its 35 km length. The resort has

Simwenge Lodge

Posted by Craig Thomassen on  April 9, 2021
The original home of tiger fishing is Zimbabwe. Back in the colonial days of Rhodesia, people would go to the Zambezi river or lake Kariba for their holidays. One of the most popular sections of the Zambezi for fishing was the area around Deka. This is the middle Zambezi, below Victoria falls and the Batoka gorge and above the giant, manmade Kariba dam. That section of river, where the current is fast, the gradient quite