alphonse island

This has for decades been renowned as the finest bone fishing flats to be found, but under the management of the Alphonse Fishing Company and Blue Safari it has been transformed into one of the greatest salt water fisheries to be found on our planet. Sun drenched sand flats, surrounded by turquoise calm lagoons, accentuated by coral reefs are what define the outer atoll of Alphonse and St Francois.
It offers the full smorgasbord of species to target on fly, which you can sight fish as you are poled within casting distance by highly trained guides, who miss nothing. Tailing Triggerfish abound and the Giant Trevally is always in residence hunting around the flats. Shoals of milkfish give you multiple opportunities to tick this unique species off your list and the elusive permit is always to be found on the right tide. For those who like to tease up a bill, on the edge of the drop off, sailfish move through the deeper water chasing the abundance of bait on the atoll.
The resort is top draw, with facilities and activities that cater for the whole family, from very comfortable beach front bungalows to first class villas, all complimented by exceptional service and outstanding cuisine.
It is the ultimate salt water destination for couples and families to enjoy and a more satisfying flats fly fishing experience is hard to imagine. Alphonse is a fly fisher’s garden of Eden.

Alphonse, A place of beauty and Mayhem

I was very fortunate to visit Alphonse Island in the Seychelles last week. Alphonse has to be one of the top five fishing destinations on earth, with the fantastic variety and numbers of fish on and around the atoll. The thing that always strikes me when I visit this amazing area is that it is so much more than a fishing trip. Every day spent on the flats is like doing a wilderness walking trail in a shallow water, marine environment.