It’s in the surprise of any tail or rise…the thrill of every sighting. It’s the anticipation of a strike, the frustration of a refusal and the nerves you hope never disappear.
But in our search for source water, unspoiled shoreline and surface action we found the settings that just take your breath away.
It is in the places we find ourselves walking, wading or drifting. But only a fool would tell you that it’s not about the fish!
From source to sea, join us on our voyage of discovery.


kzn midlands -
our home waters

We manage a wide range of exclusive Trout dams and private river beats in the foothills of the Drakensberg. From small well-stocked waters for beginners to large wild lakes that you can explore in a V-Boat, whether you are looking to relax on the waters for just a day or experience the diverse fisheries in our stable, you will find a fly fishing beat to suit your needs.
The hamlet of Nottingham Road lies in the heart of the Natal Midlands and is the gateway to the Kamberg Valley. These misty vales hide a wealth of waters teeming with Rainbow and Brown Trout. Crystal clear lakes and mountain fed rivers provide a backdrop to a range of accommodation and activities for the whole family. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty, renowned for its' hospitality. A fly fisher’s haven, this is WildFly Country.
Established in 2001, the TOPS at SPAR Corporate Challenge continues to set the benchmark in fly fishing festivals. Hosted on exclusive WildFly waters, in the beautiful rolling hills of Natal, it provides a setting and atmosphere second to none. Held over a long weekend at the legendary Notties, in the midst of the Midlands winter, fishermen travel from far and wide to challenge Trout and fellow fly fishers alike.

Last one on the left

As we meandered our way down the Zambezi River through the beauty and splendour that is the Lower Zambezi National Park, I could not help but wonder what this round of adventure had in store for our motley crew of fishing rod and camera-wielding travellers.  Earlier in the day we met up with Rob Kay, owner and operator of Amanzi Zambezi Lodge. With him he carried two sacks. One filled with buttery soft White river avocados, and the other, the perfect complement to a refreshing gin

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Flats Fever

The outer islands of the Seychelles have spawned more fishing tales than the incredible fish populations that it protects. Described by Jacques Cousteau as one of the last sanctuaries on our planet, when you visit the Alphonse group of islands, it takes no imagination to see why. This salt-water wilderness is far more than one of the finest fisheries in the Indian Ocean, it is a marine reserve that safeguards a diverse array of fauna

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