como maalifushi

The Maldives has a reputation as an idyllic holiday destination, and this spectacular resort precisely exemplifies that. Although the luxury waterfront accommodation and wonderful cuisine is hard not to wax lyrical about, it is their conservation ethos supporting this marine sanctuary that is so impressive.

Consequently, the snorkeling and diving in the vicinity is outstanding, translating into very productive flats fishing nearby. Within 10 minutes via skiff, you are in casting distance of plentiful Bluefin and Island Travelly, with GT’s patrolling the incoming tide.

But the signature species must be the massive Triggerfish that abound, which with the help of the professional fly fishing guides from Fishing Holiday Maldives you are sure to get multiple shots at.

For the more adventurous big game enthusiast, you have a choice of fully equipped sport fishing vessels to tackle the billfish and wide variety of migrating gamefish. 

It combines all the activities and facilities of a first-class family resort with many angling opportunities.

COMO Maalafushi

The Maldives is in so many ways an unusual and unique country. It consists of 1192 islands scattered over an area of 90 000 square kilometres...