farquhar atoll

Expectations should always be tempered with a reality check before visiting a new fly fishing destination. Which is easier said than done when Farquhar Island is on the horizon. With nearly 18000 hectares of water teeming with every conceivable species one can target on fly, it is a saltwater fly fishing paradise.

Run by the renowned Blue Safari team, the experience and knowledge of these guides is what gives you the opportunity to land one of those fabled beasts that adorn the covers of fishing magazines. Gargantuan Giant Trevallies you will encounter, and these bullies might well teach you a lesson, but the population of GT’s makes this a forgiving fishery. Bonefish and Triggerfish are always on the menu, as are shoals of Bluefin and Golden Trevally.

This atoll also provides a unique opportunity for any fly fisher to target the shoals of Bumphead parrot fish, as well as possibly cast at the spectacular Napoleon Wrasse.

The very comfortable ensuite chalets, surround a main communal social area where every meal will satisfy your tastes, and the fully stocked bar will quench that well-earned thirst.

This is a destination for serious fly fishers who want to throw a line at every opportunity, and it will not disappoint!

I Met the GT's of Farquhar

We all know or have met someone who ranks somewhere on the alphabet of the “celebrity” scale and all of us, even the ones who deny it, will drop name at some point about these chance encounters. “Did I ever tell you about the time I had dops with the Mummy…? You know, that Saffa Hollywood actor Arnold Vosloo?” Or… “You know I bumped into Derek Watts at the airport once, hell of a lekker oke”.