giants cup

Giants Cup Wilderness Reserve is a trout fisherman’s dream come true. Located in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa, the reserve is a pristine wilderness area with crystal clear streams and deep lakes that teem with wild trout.

Giants Cup offers a variety of fishing experiences, including still water fishing in the Amphitheatre of the reserve, surrounded by towering mountains, and river fishing on the nearby uMzimkulu River for wild spawned rainbows.

Accommodation is in newly built, comfortable self-catering chalets, which are situated in tranquil settings with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The chalets are furnished with everything you need, including fully equipped kitchens and cozy fireplaces.

Giants Cup Wilderness Reserve is the perfect destination for fly-fishing enthusiasts looking for a unique fishing experience for wild trophy fish in the serene surrounds of the Berg.

Giants Cup

More often than not our motivation for traveling to any fishing destination is the size of the fish, our desire to hold a trophy aloft being the underlying driving force...