gkhui gkhui

Some lodges feel like home, even if it is your first visit, and Gkhui Gkhui River Lodge is one of those places. The luxury accommodation is situated 20 minutes outside Hopetown, around some of the best Yellowfish waters we have come across.

Having spent enough hours on the Orange River, we can confidently state that it is a world-class fly-fishing destination, and Gkhui Gkhui lodge is the complete package for anglers looking to experience the best that the Orange River has to offer.

Shallow rapids, long slow glides, and big pools, the river offers everything a fly-fisherman could ask for. Whether it is a trophy largemouth, a smallmouth sipping dries in crystal clear water, or nymphing for smallmouth in the rapids, Gkhui Gkhui has is all right on your doorstep.

With experienced fishing guides, luxury accommodation, and excellent catering, it’s worth booking your next fishing adventure with Gkhui Ghkui River Lodge.

Gkhui Gkhui and the magic of the Karoo

It was mid-November and I was heading south to one of my favorite locations… As the last bit of concrete and steel from South Africa’s judicial capital disappeared in my rearview mirror and the horizon lit up with dancing illusions on the salt pans of the Great Karoo...