guma lagoon

Depending on the rainfall and the subsequent receding flood plains, between August and October, a marvel of nature that is unique to this wilderness takes place. A feeding frenzy that would have every self-respecting fly fisherman’s adrenaline spiking! Thousands upon thousands of sharp tooth catfish push upstream, flushing every possible morsel of food from the cover of the phragmites in a flurry of activity. 

It’s an incredible sight to behold, wave upon wave of barbel decimating their prey of bulldogs and minnows. The African Tigerfish drives these shoals, feeding on the fringes, engulfing everything that crosses its path. It is guaranteed to get any angler’s knees shaking. 

Situated under huge shady trees on the banks of a rich lagoon fed by the Okavango River, Guma Lagoon is a very comfortable family-run, tented camp, well situated to experience this water wonderland. The owners themselves are avid fisherfolk who have spent a tremendous amount of time exploring the waterways of the world’s largest inland delta. 

The bird-life is prolific, with over 400 species recorded, which when coupled with the sounds of Africa, one could spend hours on the verandah of your chalet simply appreciating the magnificent Delta.

A Worried Man

Guy Lobjoit is a worried man One of the owners of Guma Lagoon Camp in the Okavango Delta Panhandle, Guy has spent most of his adult life introducing tourists and friends, to the many natural splendors of this watery wonderland.