kalahari outventures

The Orange River has fast become one of the most popular fly fishing destinations in S.A., with anglers all over the country flocking to its shores on a regular basis.

There is no denying that fishing on the Orange is unparalleled, but the difference between having a good fishing trip and a truly world-class fishing experience boils down to the guides and outfitter you choose to team up with.

Craig Eksteen and his team at Kalahari Outventures are the best in the business, and will ensure that anglers will have a fishing experience to remember.

Whether its nymphing for schools of Smallmouth Yellows in fast-flowing rapids, sight casting flexo crabs over shallow sand banks, or hunting the elusive Largemouth on fully equipped drift boats, KO does it better than anyone else on the Orange River.

The team of expert fishing and river guides work around the clock to make sure that anglers have the most comfortable camping experience, along with ice cold beverages, and top-notch food and snacks whilst out in the desert wilderness.

More Space Than Time

It’s taken me four trips to the lower Orange River to fully appreciate what this majestic piece of the earth’s surface truly offers us members of the species homo sapiens, and how puny we seem when faced with space of this magnitude.