lake lintrose

Seated along the Eastern shoreline of what was previously a wild Brown Trout River, and is now a 1000-hectare dam, this provides a very unique fly fishing experience.

With 5 distinct species on offer, which no other dam in the world can boast, depending on the season you could encounter Rainbow or Brown Trout, Small and Large mouth Bass as well as Yellow-fish.

This comfortable self-catering accommodation on the shoreline gives you bank access to these opportunities. The water level of Spring Grove dam fluctuates in each season, revealing very productive structure around which you can target a wide variety of fish species. This dam is fortunate to stay clean all year round and Trout fishing is optimal between the months April and August, in which only fly fishing is permitted.

Lintrose Cottages are exclusively situated in close enough proximity to Nottingham Road, allowing you to enjoy and explore everything the meander has to offer.

Lazy Boyz

To tube or not to tube shouldn’t be a dilemma. Although targeting Trout from the bank and stalking a fish is the way to go on arrival at any dam (as long as you get there at the proverbial crack of), to not jump in your float tube when fishing any decent sized dam is just limiting your options.