matoya fishing lodge

A ten pounder in Tigerfish terms is still widely regarded as the benchmark for a trophy fish… 


On the Barotse floodplains, ten pounds is the average size fish you will encounter.

Matoya fishing lodge is remotely situated in the western province of Zambia and in the heart of Barotseland. Here, there are more 20-pound African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) successfully caught and released annually, than anywhere else on the mighty Zambezi River.

In short, if it’s monster Tigers that you are after, look no further. The Matoya fleet of comfortable, flat deck boats are the perfect platform for bait, lure, and fly fishing. And with an expert team of guides, intimately familiar with every inch of their fishing grounds, you are all but guaranteed to walk away with a trophy Tigerfish.

Bream species are the hidden gems of the Barotse fishery. Nembwe, Three Spot Bream, and Humpback Largemouth are caught on a regular basis and 6-to-8-pound trophy specimen are not uncommon.

Majestic Matoya

Inside Angling and Wildfly recently did a trip to Matoya Lodge in Zambia. Matoya is in the Barotse floodplains area, in Western Zambia, and is one of my favourite parts of the Zambezi River. I have put together a daily report on the trip...