nkamba bay lodge

The great Rift Valley and its lakes are home to over 350 species of fish and Lake Tanganyika stands alone as a crystal-clear fresh water in which you can target all of the gamefish species to be found in this prehistoric system. 

It’s famous for its massive perch, reaching over 100 pounds, but is also renowned for the schooling Emperor Ciclid/Nkupe, resident Tiger fish, and Bream. All readily willing to take a lure or fly. With the kaleidoscope of colours you see of fish at every turn, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’re fishing a coral atoll, and the African bush shoreline with resident wildlife makes this a very surreal experience.

It’s the longest and 2nd deepest lake in the world, which means you have to select where you stay very carefully. Nkamba Bay Lodge is situated inside the Nsumbu National Park in Zambia, so it is a protected area and ideal for recreational fishing. 

The completely refurbished stone lodge is well appointed and boasts exceptionally comfortable accommodation, with all the amenities one would expect from a first-rate operation. It is a very unique destination that offers an exclusive experience.


Fresh Water Ocean

More often than not our motivation for travelling to any fishing destination is the size of the fish, our desire to hold a trophy aloft being the underlying driving force.Yet the fight in any fish will always trump girth and this is generally dictated by it’s environment...