It took some hardy and dedicated English fly fishers to get Trout into the dams and rivers around Mount Kenya in the early 1900’s, but how well it worked! With the snow-capped mountain looming over 5000m above, you have to keep reminding yourself that you’re virtually on the equator.

Now, a small group of equally hardy local fly anglers have built a stunning log cabin in the Ragati Conservancy, available to guests for rent. It’s tucked into beautiful Montane Forest, inhabited by amazing birdlife as well as both Elephant and Buffalo. Accordingly, a guide is always on hand. 

Unique to this hidden gem is the Ragati Red, a Rainbow Trout which has a unique bright red colouring.

The streams, one of which burbles right past the cabin, are rich with fish but can be a bit technical due to thick riverine vegetation. But there is the option of a larger, easier-to-fish still water. The “cabin” comfortably sleeps 8 and, if you prefer, catering is available. It’s a truly remarkable destination.

Mount Kenya Magic

Getting to Mount Kenya by vehicle from Nairobi is interesting to say the least. It’s 160 km and takes around 5 hours on what are ostensibly tar roads which would have Mr. MacAdam spinning in his grave. The gay abandon with which Kenyans drive is akin to putting a bunch of drunk teenagers into dodgem cars and advising them not to crash into each other.