sandstone cottage

Cradled in the Kamberg Valley, peering out at the Drakensberg mountains and kilometers of rolling hills and mountains sits the exquisite Sandstone Farm.

Home to retired racehorses and polo ponies, it has two of the most productive still water Trout dams in this area; easily accessible and large enough to enjoy float tubing. 

Plover dam is fed by two rich springs which support established weed beds where Rainbow Trout are resident.

Ten pounds is the current dam record! Sandpiper dam is crystal clear, a preferred dry fly water, where you can also tempt an elusive Brown Trout when the conditions are right. 

Hosts Graham and Sue Armstrong have built this stunning self-catering accommodation and provide that extra special touch of country hospitality that has guests planning their next trip before departing.

The Kitchen Sink

What to throw at the problem is the @#$%&$! problem. That fish are fussy, no frustrated angler will argue about and when it comes to fly fishing for Trout the debate quickly devolves into fly patterns?