st brandon's atoll

Saltwater fly fishing has come a long way since the first Bonefish were successfully caught on fly in the early 70’s but, to this day, these humble flats speedsters are the foundation on which many of the world’s top saltwater fly fishing destinations are built on.

St Brandon’s offers what could arguably be the world’s best Bonefish flats destination. Under the expert guidance of the Fly Castaway team, anglers will catch Bonefish in the 4-to-6-pound category, with regular shots at fish of 8 to 10 pounds. Some of the largest Bones were recorded at 15 pounds and a fork length of 87 centimeters.

If the Bonefish alone aren’t enough to satisfy your flats fishing appetite, then what about Giant Trevally of meter-plus sizes that regularly wander onto the flats? Or, if you have the patience and skill, you could spend days casting at the holy grail of saltwater fly fishing, the Indo Pacific Permit.

Guests are accommodated in a low-key but charming guesthouse on Raphael Island in the North of the atoll. The guesthouse accommodates a maximum of eight guests in four twin, air-conditioned rooms. Each room has two large single beds and is serviced daily.

St. Brandon's Atoll

If you’ve ever spent some time fly fishing on the Indian Ocean atolls, chances are you would have heard one of your guides use the word “Frommel”. Frommel is an Afrikaans word that directly translates to “crumple”...