st. helena island

Now that Airlink are flying to St Helena Island weekly, this otherwise remote and isolated piece of land perched mid Atlantic Ocean is only accessible from South Africa. It’s a bit like going back in time.

The locals, known as “Saints”, are hospitable to a fault, and you will be welcomed like a long-lost brother into any of the 4 bars in the historic old capital of Jamestown. We barely scratched the surface of the fishing whilst there, but still released over 15 species of fish.

Pristine waters provide the opportunity to witness large Tuna hurtling up from the depths to attack near the surface. Most fishing is done near, and in the lee of the island, due to sheer ocean drop offs and all species of Billfish are a possibility.

However, it is a simple kind of fishery, so proceed with an open mind. The diving here is also world class.

Perfectly positioned in the main street of Jamestown, the new Mantis Hotel, which offers the most modern accommodation and cuisine on the island, is definitely the lodging of choice. For something truly unique, spend a week at St Helena and pack a few rods.

St Helena Island

For some obscure reason buried deep in my distant English heritage and my abiding love of islands, this has been a lifelong dream.