west ranga lodge

The Icelandic landscape is surreal with a majestic backdrop of volcanic mountains, and glaciers that create some of the most incredible river systems to be found on our planet. The crystal-clear lakes and ever-flowing rivers carve their way to the rich fishing grounds of the Arctic Ocean, from which the Atlantic Salmon migrate to their spawning grounds in the West Ranga.

The gargantuan Brown Trout are prehistoric, resident in these lakes since the ice age and the water temperatures provide the ideal habitat for Artic Char… It is every freshwater fly fisher’s dream destination! But you need to have the expertise of professional outfitters to navigate this terrain, and ensure that your valuable fishing time is spent on the lake and river beats that are carefully managed to consistently produce phenomenal fishing.

Iceland Outfitters are an exceptional team of highly qualified guides. From very comfortable self-catering cottages central to the fishing options, to the top-class West Ranga Lodge with Iceland’s top Salmon River right on your doorstep, you can choose a fly fishing package to suit your needs.

It’s a must visit destination!

The Land of Fire and Ice

In a country with hundreds of volcanoes of which 30 are in constant turmoil, you might think this an ancient land of upheaval, but it’s quite the contrary...