The coastline in Southern Mozambique is quite different to what it looks like further north. Large sweeping bays, edged by massive, forested dunes make up this part of the coast. Where the sea is flat and devoid of swell further north, there are waves in Southern Mozambique, giving the ocean an altogether different appearance.

One of the more spectacular bays in Southern Mozambique is Ponta Mamoli. This picturesque point and bay is also home to the impressive White Pearl Resort. The resort is a five-star establishment, built amongst the dune vegetation and has a magnificent view overlooking the warm Indian Ocean.

I was privileged to visit White Pearl with my wife, Pam, and we got to sample some of the luxury and decadence of the amazing resort. I was there to get some fishing done offshore from the jet ski. That area has some magnificent offshore fishing on offer, with a huge variety of gamefish which frequent the area and some exceptional reef structure to concentrate the fish around.

There is a launch site at the resort, with dive boats operating out of there, and a tractor to push and pull boats as needed. The lodge is connected by hundreds of metres of wooden boardwalks and each chalet is isolated enough from the next one to offer guests total privacy.

Meals are served in one of the dining rooms, or alfresco, depending on conditions. The food was excellent, prepared from the freshest of ingredients and stylishly presented. Staff are very attentive, with each chalet having a dedicated, private butler.

The sea conditions were a little challenging, as there were quite strong winds during our stay, but that didn’t put us off. We headed out every morning at first light on our jet skis, taking on the swell and the spray in search of some trophy gamefish.

I was very excited to land a nice wahoo one morning. One of the fastest fish in the sea, this speedster stripped a lot of line off my reel’s drag before I could get control and bring it in. It was a challenge landing it and getting the hook out, without using a gaff – as I was releasing my fish.

We also managed to catch a variety of trevally species and some yellowfin tuna. The area is definitely a healthy fishery, with plenty of predators to target. There are also quite a lot of sharks around, so fish had to be pulled in fairly quickly in some areas, to avoid losing them to the ever-hungry men in grey suits.

It was a very successful trip, not just from the fishing point of view, but because the wives were very happy to bask in luxury while we were out fishing. They could lie on the beach reading a book and raise a flag with our room number on it, to get the butler to come down with his tray and take drinks orders or bring some snacks. White Pearl guests definitely get a taste of the high life!