kilombero north safaris

If ever there was a quintessential African angling adventure, the likes of which you only see in television programs, the Mnyera river and Kilombero North Safari’s camp would be it.

Deep in the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness lies this jewel of a freshwater fishery. Surrounded by dense bush and forest, teaming with wildlife, the Mnyera and Rhuhudji rivers carve their way through this untouched corner of the African continent.

It is in these two rivers that we experienced the most incredible, if not the best, freshwater fishing on planet earth. These rivers are home to the Tanzanian Tigerfish (Hydrocynes tanzania) a larger, more aggressive (believe it or not) cousin of the African Tigerfish. Fish of 20 pounds and up are regularly caught on fly fishing tackle, with fish of up to 28lbs recorded.

While hunting for that magical twenty-pounder, anglers will encounter tigers of 10–16 pounds often.

Anglers are accommodated in wooden fishing bungalows and tented camps on the riverbanks, and fish off 16-foot aluminum boats that are poled by expert guides who will put you in the right place at the right time to land a trophy Tiger.


Tiger Blues and Jackpots

Tigerfish are fairly easy to catch, aren’t they…? Television programs and viral videos always paint the picture of Tigerfish feeding constantly, aggressive and hungry all the time and eating anything and everything that dares cross their path.