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Farquhar Island

farquhar atoll

Expectations should always be tempered with a reality check before visiting a new fly fishing destination. Which is easier said than done when Farquhar Island is on the horizon. With nearly 18000 hectares of water teeming with every conceivable species one can target on fly, it is a saltwater fly fishing paradise.

Run by the renowned Blue Safari team, the experience and knowledge of these guides is what gives you the opportunity to land one of those fabled beasts that adorn the covers of fishing magazines. Gargantuan Giant Trevallies you will encounter, and these bullies might well teach you a lesson, but the population of GT’s makes this a forgiving fishery. Bonefish and Triggerfish are always on the menu, as are shoals of Bluefin and Golden Trevally.

This atoll also provides a unique opportunity for any fly fisher to target the shoals of Bumphead parrot fish, as well as possibly cast at the spectacular Napoleon Wrasse.

The very comfortable ensuite chalets, surround a main communal social area where every meal will satisfy your tastes, and the fully stocked bar will quench that well-earned thirst.

This is a destination for serious fly fishers who want to throw a line at every opportunity, and it will not disappoint!

I Met the GT's of Farquhar

We all know or have met someone who ranks somewhere on the alphabet of the “celebrity” scale and all of us, even the ones who deny it, will drop name at some point about these chance encounters. “Did I ever tell you about the time I had dops with the Mummy…? You know, that Saffa Hollywood actor Arnold Vosloo?” Or… “You know I bumped into Derek Watts at the airport once, hell of a lekker oke”.

Four Seasons Resort

four seasons resort

Somewhere between Seychelles’ capital island of Mahe and heaven, lies Desroches. Completely refurbished and opened as a Four Seasons Resort in 2018, it needs to be experienced to be believed.

Think ultimate luxury and personal pampering on a pristine coral island ringed by palm trees and turquoise water, and you start to get the picture. Then there’s the fishing: light spinning or fly on the flats around the island is a very pleasant way to spend a few hours, with a number of the Trevally and other flats species all available.

Blue Safari manages the fishing operations and, as one has come to expect from these professional guides, their ability to find great fish is legendary.

Around Desroches the blue water angling is first rate and, for the more adventurous, charters are offered to the nearby St Joseph’s and Pauve islands. Both are renowned for their permit, plentiful bonefish, with all the resident Trevally species hunting on these flats.

It is a destination that demands you take your better half, with Corden Bleu cuisine and all the services and facilities you’d expect from a 5-star resort. It is the epitome of an opulent holiday for any couple.

Four Seasons Resort

Luxury in Paradise. Every once in a while we do a fishing trip where we stay somewhere so ridiculously luxurious, that I feel guilty walking into my room all salty and sweaty after a day’s fishing. The upside, of course, is that I get a super comfortable night’s rest and wake up refreshed and strong.

Eden Bleu Hotel

eden bleu hotel

When it comes to saltwater fishing, there’s nothing quite like the Seychelles, and on the main granite island of Mahe you can enjoy some of the finest blue water action to be found in the Indian Ocean. From record-breaking Marlin, to massive Dog Tooth Tuna, and every big game fish that patrols the drop-offs surrounding this capital island.

The Eden Island development is built on reclaimed land jutting into the azure waters off Mahe. Built around a harbour filled with pleasure crafts, it is nautical heaven.

The beautiful Eden Bleu Hotel is the proud centerpiece and offers 5-star luxury, without any pretensions. As trips to the outer islands generally require overnighting on Mahe, we have often used the perfectly located hotel close to the airport on our fishing excursions there.

There are a large number of charter operators who will pick you up from the jetty in front of the hotel swimming pool, and get you out on the water.

The drop-off is an hour-long run from the island, and is well worth the effort. For anyone spending their time on Mahe, Eden Bleu is the ideal hotel to enjoy all the island has to offer.

Eden Bleu

The Seychelles has become the go to place for fishermen who want to experience wild, untouched fishing in a pristine environment. The island nation consists of a hundred and fifteen islands, scattered over a large area of the Indian ocean. The capital city, Victoria, is on the main island of Mahe’, as is the country’s international airport.

Alphonse Island

alphonse island

This has for decades been renowned as the finest bone fishing flats to be found, but under the management of the Alphonse Fishing Company and Blue Safari it has been transformed into one of the greatest saltwater fisheries to be found on our planet. Sun-drenched sand flats, surrounded by turquoise calm lagoons, accentuated by coral reefs are what define the outer atoll of Alphonse and St Francois.

It offers the full smorgasbord of species to target on fly, which you can sight fish as you are poled within casting distance by highly trained guides, who miss nothing. Tailing Triggerfish abound and the Giant Trevally is always in-residence hunting around the flats.

Shoals of milkfish give you multiple opportunities to tick this unique species off your list, and the elusive permit is always to be found on the right tide. For those who like to tease up a bill, on the edge of the drop off, sailfish move through the deeper water chasing the abundance of bait on the atoll.

The resort is top draw, with facilities and activities that cater for the whole family. From very comfortable beach front bungalows to first class villas, all complimented by exceptional service and outstanding cuisine.

It is the ultimate saltwater destination for couples and families to enjoy, and you’d be hard pressed to imagine a more satisfying flats fly fishing experience. Alphonse is a fly fisher’s garden of Eden.

Flats Fever

The outer islands of the Seychelles have spawned more fishing tales than the incredible fish populations that it protects. Described by Jacques Cousteau as one of the last sanctuaries on our planet, when you visit the Alphonse group of islands, it takes no imagination to see why.

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